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Identity Reporting as a Service
10 Minute Demo Video

Now overcome these frustrations with the out-of-the-box reporting framework of your IGA Tools
(currently supported: SailPoint IdentityIQ, Oracle IGA)

User reports straining your application and database performance

No column level security without creating additional custom reports

Restricted to only view data supported by the product API

Significant maintenance overhead for all custom reports

I have been in the IAM industry for over 20 years and I can guarantee these results because all my clients who implemented this simple solution have been able to successfully accomplish all the benefits I listed below.

Double the Application and Reporting Performance

One-Third the Development Time and Effort

Richer Reports with Immense Flexibility

Happier Users, Developers, Auditors and Program Owners

Pricing Tiers


  • 5 Out of the Box Reports

  • 10 Custom Reports

  • 25 Daily Reports

$5000(Self Hosted)


Tier 2

  • 5 Out of the Box Reports

  • 20 Custom Reports

  • 50 Daily Reports

$10000(Self Hosted)


Tier 3

  • 5 Out of the Box Reports

  • Unlimited Custom Reports

  • Unlimited Daily Reports

$15000(Self Hosted)


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