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Managed Security Services / Security Operations (SecOps)

We trust the automated route, SOAR, to Managed Security and Operations.

Why we focus on Automation (SOAR) for Security Operations

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) is a security management approach that combines security orchestration, automation, and incident response capabilities to help organizations effectively manage and respond to cybersecurity threats. SOAR enables security teams to automate repetitive tasks, streamline incident response processes, and quickly respond to security incidents, ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of an organization's security operations.

What makes SOAR so important

SOAR has become increasingly important for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: SOAR automates repetitive tasks and streamlines incident response processes, which can greatly increase efficiency and reduce the workload of security teams.

  2. Speed: SOAR enables organizations to respond to security incidents quickly, which can help minimize the damage caused by a security breach.

  3. Improved Intelligence: SOAR allows for better correlation of data, events and incidents across different systems and sources, which can improve the intelligence of an organization.

  4. Better decision making: SOAR allows the security teams to have a unified view of the security posture and incidents, which can help them make better decisions on how to handle incidents.

  5. Compliance: SOAR can assist organizations in meeting compliance requirements by automating compliance-related tasks and providing a clear audit trail of security activities.

  6. Cost-effective: SOAR can help organizations to save cost by reducing the need for manual labor, minimizing the impact of security incidents, and avoiding costs associated with compliance violations

Why chose Zephon to help with your Security Operations

  • Our leadership has over 25 years of deep experience working on complex large scale security operations projects.

  •  We know how to recruit only the most experienced and skilled staff with proven hands on security operations experience. This ensures we can accomplish more, while maintaining the highest level of excellence. 

  •  We offer a range of security services, such as threat intelligence, incident response, vulnerability management, and compliance management.

  •  We use advanced security technologies, such as SIEM, threat intelligence platforms, and security automation and orchestration tools, to provide comprehensive security coverage.

  •  We bring a deep level of experience in data modeling so that we can ensure the collection of the data results in the correct use of the data.

  •  The depth of our experience across many types of organizations allows us to anticipate what workflow issues need to be pulled under the security umbrella without interfering with daily operations. 

  •  Zephon’s team has Public Trust security clearance so you can feel safe that the sensitive work of Security Operations is in the right hands.

Our core approach to security is centered around Identity Management.

Because we understand your business first, we can detect anomalies better.

Success Story


Hofstra University (HU) – HU had implemented a new version of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) as their automated Identity Management solution. However, their main Developer left during the middle of the migration. The existing team did not have development or administration experience of the tool. Unfortunately, there was no documentation in place of the existing solution either. And the Help Desk team was inundated with a ton of daily tickets as what was implemented was not working as designed, so the majority of the tasks which were supposed to be automated were being done manually.


Zephon stabilized the existing environment, cleaned up identity and access data, fixed bugs in the custom code, and documented the system and business processes. Zephon also added new integrations to automate Gmail user management and Office 365 licensing.


  • User identity and access related help desk tickets reduced by 90%

  • Developed detailed documentation related to System Architecture, System Design, System Integration, Data Flow, Installation, Maintenance, Patching, and Upgrading

  • In the absence of an existing code repository or source code, decompiled existing code base to identity and fix bugs

  • Created a new source code repository for all OIM related code as the organization did not have one already

  • Automated Office 365 license provisioning as per user identity

  • Fixed bugs in custom Gmail Connector

  • Deployed a solution to monitor and resolve any access provisioning and deprovisioning related gaps

  • Migrated the identity management solution from OIM 11g R2 PS3 to OIM 12c PS4

Ever wondered how to identify whether a user was added to a group without permission?

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