Simplify Your Cybersecurity


Because we GET IT DONE.
No matter the size or complexity of your cybersecurity project or initiative, we will get it past the goal line.

We have rescued numerous projects no matter what stage to successful wins.

And how do we do that? Through education and collaboration, working as a Team with you.

Most cybersecurity companies think it's a waste of time to educate their client and will compromise the quality and effectiveness of their solutions to fulfill uninformed requests.

We foster an honest & holistic relationship with our clients by keeping them in the loop and explaining the WHY behind what we do.

And we do that with a sincere heart to serve. Concepts are fine, but if we are not able to provide demonstrable and measurable value to you, we do not deserve to charge you for our time and effort.

A bit more about us below.

Our Values:

  • Work Hard with Integrity

  • Be Proactive

  • Share Your Knowledge

  • Always keep Learning and Exploring

  • Seek Discomfort (borrowed from the YouTube channel with that name)

  • People First i.e. Family, Friends, Employees and Customers, in that order

  • Be Honest

  • Accept and Respect Diversity in all its forms, especially diversity of thought

  • Keep your sense of humor alive

Our Service Support Philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • People First

  • Listen to Understand

  • Serve with Integrity and Honesty

  • Honor Commitments

  • Own our Mistakes and Oversights

  • Be Available

  • Be Respectful and Professional at all time

Our KPIs for measuring Service Support are:

  • Number of Issues Raised

  • Number of Active Issues

  • Number of Issues Escalated

  • Average Resolution Time

  • Average First Response Time

  • First Contact Resolution

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

  • Customer Effort Score

And to ensure the quality of our work we follow these KPIs for Quality Assurance:

  • Defects Raised Total and Per Day

  • Defects Closed Total and Per Day

  • Defects Rejected Total and Per Day

  • Active Defects

  • Severity of Accepted Defects

  • Customer Complaints

  • Development Completion

  • Requirements Completion