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Why Zephon?
Why us over over the competition?


  • Our leadership has over 25 years of deep experience working on complex large scale security projects

  • We know how to recruit only the most experienced and skilled staff with proven hands-on security project experience. This ensures we can accomplish more, while maintaining the highest level of excellence

  • Our rich experience ensures clients are not left with security gaps. All systems designed and implemented are robust, scalable and work with minimal supervision

  • Zephon’s team has Public Trust security clearance so you can feel safe that the sensitive work of security is in the right hands

Client Success Story 1

My ex-boss called me asking if we will be able to assist their team on a very complex project for the US Federal government. The project was behind schedule and needed some go-getters to bring it back on track. Through our joint efforts, the project was not only able to go-live on time, but we also took over the management of the entire application stack, including it deployment, hardening, patching and reporting. The total revenue we helped generate for my client is over $10 million and counting.


We are still engaged with this project and my ex-boss is now looking at 5 years of continued success and more.

Client Success Story 2

A healthcare provider had no Azure Security Center policies applied to their Azure environment they had just started migrating to. The Information Security Architect had defined and documented robust security policies applicable to Cloud environments but none of these were applied. We applied built-in policies and created custom policies, were missing, to make their environment compatible with CIS 1.1 and the Organizational Security Initiatives. We also created custom scripts to extract the compliance state of the environment so it could be ingested into RSA Archer for reporting. This reduced a week's manual effort to a script that generated all the data required in less than a hour.


The Information Security Architect is now able to emphatically demonstrate compliance with all security policies, including alerts and automated resolutions.

Client Success Story 3

This Higher Education institution was a client through a previous employer. The Assistant Directory there was close to retirement. She wanted to leave an IT environment that was stable, dependable and performant. Unfortunately, this was not the case with their Identity Management environment, which was deployed by their in-house team. The main developer had quit a few months, and the current team was barely keeping the system up, tackling tons of daily tickets with no documentation in place. After engaging us for Identity Management support, we stabilized their environment, cleaned up their identity and access data, fixed bugs in the custom code and documented their system design and processes. The Assistant Director retired with a smile on her face and the team she left behind is now assured we are there whenever they need us.

Our Values:

  • Integrity

  • Diligence

  • Proactive Action

  • Perseverance

  • Share Knowledge

  • Always Learning

  • Seek Discomfort

  • Growth Mindset

  • People First

  • Respect Diversity, especially diversity of thought

  • Have a sense of humor

Our Service Support Philosophy:

  • People First

  • Listen to Understand

  • Serve with Integrity

  • Honor Commitments

  • Own Mistakes

  • Be Available

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Professional

Our KPIs for Service Support:

  • Number of Issues Raised

  • Number of Active Issues

  • Number of Issues Escalated

  • Average Resolution Time

  • Average First Response Time

  • First Contact Resolution

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

  • Customer Effort Score

Our KPIs for Quality Assurance:

  • Defects Raised Total and Per Day

  • Defects Closed Total and Per Day

  • Defects Rejected Total and Per Day

  • Active Defects

  • Severity of Accepted Defects

  • Customer Complaints

  • Development Completion

  • Requirements Completion

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