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You can focus on what's important i.e. running your business with peace of mind.

Your Security Solutions

Cloud Tooling

CyberSecurity Assessments

Do you worry if your organization will be the next victim of a security breach?

We proactively asses risk and vulnerabilities in your systems so you can focus on your digital transformationjourney with peace.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Are your IT help desk costs escalating while you have no idea who has access to what?

We automate your user identity and access management so your help desk costs are significantly reduced and you have complete knowledge of who has access to when.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Are you worried about failing your next audit compliance check?

We assess where you are and what repeatable processes and policies you need so you can ace that audit.

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Cybersecurity Automation (SOAR)

Do you still manually react to alerts while being flooded with false positives?

We automate your incident responses leveraging machine learning and AI so you can focus on the real incidents in real time.

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Disaster REcovery As a Service

Does the prospect of infrastructure failures and ransomware attacks worry you?

We back up all your vital systems and data so when disaster strikes you have business continuity with minimal impact.

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Do you only think about how secure your deployed applications are after something goes wrong?

We help you prevent & react to your insecure software development pipeline so you can capture vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

So What is the Cost of Not Having Adequate Cybersecurity?

Math Notebook and Calculator

Here are some numbers for you to ponder upon:

Average cost to recover from ransomware: $700K
Average ransomware paid: $44000
Average ransomware demand: $84000
Average cost of downtime: $5600 per min i.e. $300K per hour
Average cost of data breach: $3.86 mil
Average cost of non-compliance: $9 mil
Average cost of compliance: $6 mil
Average cost of help desk ticket: $15

Here's How We Help You

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Initial Consultation

A free call where we identify exactly where you're getting stuck & reverse engineer your goals to map out a custom solution.

The call is designed to give you clarity as a stand-alone session regardless if you continued with anything more.


Full Business Dive

We study and understand your processes, workflows and key elements of how your company runs through a series of structured e-mails, calls & surveys.


Secure Systems

We work non-obtrusively to secure the system in question with minimal work on your behalf.


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Hofstra University, New York

Zephon has provided exceptional support to stabilize and build our newly upgraded identity management system (OIM/PS3). They're incredibly friendly and responsive, and have been readily available to answer questions, collaborate on new projects and guide us through many successful implementations. We're glad to be working with Zephon and look forward to continuing this engagement in the future. 

We'd love to talk to you about your business!