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Maximize Your Cybersecurity Investments

Zephon maximizes the Effectiveness, Visibility and ROI of your Current Cybersecurity Investments.

Through our expertise in implementing security solutions for our clients,
We ensure they get the most security out of their existing resources
Even as the threat landscape keeps changing.

Areas of Expertise

Are your IT help desk costs escalating while you have no idea who has access to what?

We automate your user identity and access management so you have reduced help desk costs and better knowledge of who has access to what.

Do you worry if you organization will be in the news for the wrong reason?

We proactively assess and fix risks and vulnerabilities in your systems so you are not in the news for the wrong reasons.

Do have a plethora of solutions for SD-WAN, SDP,  CASB, SWG, NGFW etc.?

We consolidate and simplify your network and security needs using SSE/SASE so you get better security and reduced costs.

Do you still manually react to alerts while being flooded with false positives?

We automate your incident responses leveraging machine learning and AI so you can focus on the real incidents in real time.

Does the prospect of infrastructure loss and ransomware attacks worry you?

We backup all your vital systems, devices and data so when disaster strikes you have business continuity with minimal impact.

Do you only think about how secure your deployed applications are after something goes wrong?

We help you prevent & react to your insecure software development pipeline so you can capture vulnerabilities before they are exploited.



We'd love to talk to you about your business!

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